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solidcoopnet - Irish Network for Cooperative and Solidarity Economy

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Subject: Irish Network for Cooperative and Solidarity Economy

Description: Description Updated 08/05/2020

Following discussions during 2019 a diverse group of coopertivists, community workers, trade unionists, activists, artists, techies came together in Feb 2020 and agreed to begin work towards the creation of an Ireland wide network to promote self-organisation and local democracy by supporting the development of a more cooperative and solidarity economy. (This is a temporary unofficial description and will be updated when another is agreed)

+ This is currently a volunteer led initiative. It does not have any formal legal association or institutional support.

+ The mailing list will serve as an organising tool for this nascent network where we can continue our dialogue and develop shared projects.

+ This is not a newsletter

+ This is an informal discussion list for members to direct general questions, to members of the group as a whole. When you send an email to this list everyone subscribed will receive it and be able to respond to it.

+ This is for the moment an informal channel. This means that it is not essential that members join the list. Feel free to opt-in or opt-out. Kevin Flanagan is the list admin. You can contact him (

+ There can be no anonymous posters on this list and full name may be requested by the list admin before you are approved to post.

+ This is not a list for working group discussions. Working group discussion are held using Loomio ( Working Groups can use the list to directly communicate with the broader membership, for example, announcing meetings, or to share updates or request feedback. In these cases list users should be directed to participate in those discussions on Loomio. This helps avoid excessive email for members that do not belong to working groups.

+ Please be careful with automated out-of-office replies. If out-of-office replies are sent to the whole list in response to email the admin will remove you from the list temporarily until you, change your settings and request to re-subscribe.

+ Please be respectful of members on the mailing list. Thoughtful contributions are welcome, including the sharing of interesting articles or events, but these should have some relation to the interests and work of the group and the network.

+ If you have any concerns about content being shared, discussions or behaviour please contact the list admin - Kevin Flanagan (

+ This list is hosted by Framasoft Association - I highly recommend reading a little bit more about them and the services they provide -


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