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Avertissement. Jeudi 20 janvier, à partir de 8 heures, nous mettrons à jour le système d'exploitation du serveur de Framalistes.

La coupure ne devrait pas prendre plus de quatre heures.

Les mails envoyés aux listes hébergées sur Framalistes pendant la coupure seront (normalement) renvoyés à Framalistes par vos serveurs de messagerie. Ainsi, aucun mail ne devrait être perdu pendant la coupure, ils seront juste retardés.

Mailing lists - General introduction

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a distribution list allowing a group of subscribers to automatically receive by email all messages sent to the list: every message sent to the list by a subscriber is received by all the other subscribers. When subscribed to a mailing list, it is possible to send messages, to reply to them or to read them without contributing (i.e. to "lurk").

Special cases:

Interest of mailing lists

People subscribe to a mailing list (sometimes abbreviated in ML) to be informed about a particular topic and to take part in exchanges about it. Examples are:

Types of mailing lists

There are thousands of mailing lists of all kinds on the Internet: public or private, free or not, with subscription subject to conditions or not, etc. Those lists may have from a dozen up to several thousand members.

According to the way they work, we can distinguish between two types of lists:

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